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Great article. Congratulations on getting your work out there

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Well done Jeff. Glad to see you're getting the recognition you rightly deserve.

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So glad to see that your work is getting out there. Have you done any research on gram positive/negative bacteria? Would love to hear your thoughts in relation to viruses.

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Since you came over to my substack to advertise this article, here is my feedback:

The publication is not a scientific study, or even a study! It's just an article about you and your ideas. And the image shown on page 1 is literally artwork and is even labelled as such!

"Virion being produced by a nucleus cell then lysis of the cell

wall to allow the viral particles to enter into the rest of the

body, artwork by Jeff Green"

A non-living enzymatic cellular solvent produced by living cells to dissolve specific toxicity is not a "virus". You are creating confusion by using that word. I wonder why you would want to do that.

And, you and everyone else have been challenged and failed to show that the alleged "SARS-COV-2" particle even exists. The alleged "genome" has never even been found intact anywhere. The "spike protein" has never been found in anyone.

"HIV" has never been shown to exist. Stating that "Duesberg does not dispute the existence of HIV" is not the way to show "it" does exist, and only serves to add to the confusion.

"One can both “believe in viruses” and radically reject their guilt. To be tenable, this halfway position, however, requires that the true function of the false culprit be clarified." No one I know is interested in "beliefs". We're looking for claims to be backed up with valid scientific evidence.

"For him, the formal absence of isolation in no way proves that viruses are a fiction." Someone is seriously confused because there is no need for anyone to prove that viruses don't exist. The onus is on those who say they do exist to back up their claims.

"a virus cannot be [totally] isolated from the bodily fluids of its host but is nevertheless a specific entity" - This is reification fallacy - assigning properties to something never shown to exist.

"Whether they exist or not, viruses are not the cause of illnesses attributed to them! The question of their existence is secondary since they are in any case devoid of pathogenicity. Like other micro-organisms, they are not there to harm humans and are, more, the reflections of its ground. Despite their differences, natural medicine players can agree on the fact that viral particles have no causal role in the onset of so-called infectious diseases."

If something doesn't exist, obviously it doesn't cause disease and doesn't do anything.

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Hi Jeff, bought your book but haven’t gotten through much of it yet. I have some questions I’m hoping you or your followers might answer to help me get a better grasp of terrain theory.

- I’m as anti-vax as they come. No Covid jabs, never a flu shot. But… Chicken Pox. When I was a child everyone got it. Now? Almost unheard of. My four kids, youngest just turned 18, all were forced to get 2 chicken pox vaccines in order to attend school. No chicken pox, so the chicken pox vaccine at least appears to prevent chicken pox. How? If germ theory is false I would expect all vaccines, without exception, to be entirely useless. If chicken pox results from a child’s cells producing the varicella virus to assist in detoxifying, how could injecting a laboratory attenuated varicella virus into the arm do anything at all?

- What does terrain theory have to say about chronic illness? I’m referring to auto-immune disorders, post-viral syndromes, CFS/ME, chronic Lyme, etc. These are all poorly understood, with very little in the way of consensus over what causes them, or how to treat them. I researched the issue extensively years ago (before I’d ever heard of terrain theory), and found the most compelling explanation to be that most chronic illness is caused by systemic chronic retrovirus infection. In response to this infection, the immune system produces antibodies that have the unfortunate consequence of binding with various receptors and/or neurotransmitters that the nervous system relies upon to properly manage things like heart rate, blood pressure, vasoconstriction, inter-cranial pressure, digestion, etc. This then leads to a cascade of auto-immune symptoms like fatigue, exercise intolerance, tachycardia, brain fog, headaches, joint pain, digestive issues. Why is it that most college kids that come down with mononucleosis (Germ Theory claims caused by EVB infection) recover in a week or two, but some kids develop POTS and can barely climb a flight of stairs for 6 months?

- How about gluten? It is well established that people with chronic illness commonly feel better if they stop eating gluten. The germ theory explanation that I’ve seen is that retroviruses love gluten proteins, and when they encounter them in the bloodstream, they replicate, preventing the immune system from ever getting the upper hand in combatting the infection. Eliminate gluten, starve your viruses, viral loads decrease, auto-immune symptoms mitigate. What is the terrain theory explanation?

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Ever think of writing a book?

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