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Viruses are Real - The Hard-Hitting Evidence

Viruses are Real - The Hard-Hitting Evidence

Shine A Light - Episode #17 (03/24/2022) - Listen Now

What is covered?

  • How and why viruses are real—what they are and are not.

  • The pitfalls in alternative health and conspiracy groups/their deceptive play on words and why they miss the point. Attacked by the “Viruses are not real!” crowd.

  • Showing the inaccuracies of many alternative researchers and their willingness to so easily believe things without any evidence or logical reasoning.

  • The enzymatic nature of viral proteins and how they dissolve—scientifically deduced and explained.

  • Photographs vs digital representations of so-called viruses and exosomes—contradictions noted.

  • Nutritional information regarding proper water, food, food combining, blood sugar, raw foods (meat, fat), vegetarianism, fruitarianism and their dangers, my thoughts on supplements.

  • Petri-dish explanation and how cells behave during duress.

  • Study featured in Smithsonian Magazine quoted showing evidence of cellular protein soaps.

    (music by Jeff Green)