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Accept my sympathy for your grandpa. Your story is very moving. One thing it has done is increase my resolve to never go a hospital nor allow my wife to be taken there. We are both 68 and in good health.

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Oh Jeff! You have been through a lot! You did everything you could but were the salmon swimming upstream in our broken medical system. Your grandpa was blessed to have you as an advocate. May he rest in peace.

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HI Jeff, Your research is very advanced. I have know that you cannot catch a virus over 55yrs ago. You are advancing my knowledge a heck of a lot. When you comment on various observations I then go back into the past and from my casual observations can only support your views. I benefit a lot and it would be a loss if you did not continue your work. I am a observer of everything, from Earth to Deep Space. It was at High School that I determined that Evolution was a sick excuse. I became a creationist as the complexity of like on Earth could not happen by chance. The God of the Bible is the only claimant of the Creation and the correction where things were left to human beings. We have all lost many dear to us. Jesus made a statement that all who pass away have no awareness. But in his new coming in our current end times the Bible has promised that those who have passed away will be resurrected back to life. I am looking forward to that and Jeff you should also look forward the when your GRANDPA too, will be beside you again. Looking at your recent experience, sadly I am not surprised. I promote your work to all who would listen from my end. Many Thanks

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss and frustrating experiences with the healthcare system. This past July, I lost my father in a series of similar experiences to your own. He also had a fall while my mom was trying to get him to the dentist. Once he was in the hospital, they put him on antibiotics to treat pneumonia. Long story short, they told us his oxygen levels were looking better, everything seemed to be looking up, then suddenly there was nothing more they could do for him. When I questioned the antibiotics I was given the "how dare you question my decades of experience" spiel. This is not medical science, it is a dogmatic death cult of well-intentioned people.

In particular, your closing thoughts mirror my own experience. After he fell, my dad wasn't responsive except to resist and say "no" to the people trying to take him to the hospital. While he was there, he was unconscious most of the time, but when he did speak it was to cry "help! help!" through an oxygen mask that didn't fit properly and was strapped so tightly his eye was bulging. The nurses were kind and placating but weren't able to do much about any of our concerns. It was a rollercoaster of "he's getting better, his numbers are improving, etc." to suddenly "there's nothing more we can do for him."

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You're experience echoes my fears about hospitals and nursing homes. For me at my age 81, they're death traps. So far I've kept healthy through an animal diet and exercise, and I hope to keep it that way.

My father was 94 at the time when we had to admit him to a nursing home. After two weeks of poor care, my brothers and I brought him home and paid for full time nursing care. He died two week later, but at least he didn't have to suffer.

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My condolences for your loss. I had similar rapid test results with my father, positive then negative with days of each other, then positive and negative again within that week, no symptoms to speak of beyond a minor cold. I tried to warn him off the tests, but my parents watch TV so remain in fear and still in denial that the tests actually work. In my reading of the Abbot documentation it indicated the test results were validated based on PCR results - which we know are 80%+ false positives depending on number of cycles. The test(s) plus media hype are the pandemic. It is amazing to me to see the hospitals/healthcare system being the only places still abiding by the Covid charade and masking pantomime.

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I am very sorry to hear of the loss of your Grandpa. How wonderful that you were able to have him in your life for as long as you did.

My elderly father is in and out of hospitals and care homes since August of this year. It has been a nightmare of neglect and insane protocols being coerced onto the residents and their families. In Canada, you are not allowed into a care facility without a mask, submitting to a rapid test and contact tracing by the government. Sadly, the staff seem all too eager to comply with the madness.

We managed to take care of him at home for one month, but he became unable to stand with a serious infection and is back in the hospital. I believe that all of the medical treatments he has received have destroyed any quality of life he may have had. He has submitted himself to the medical cartel since being diagnosed with prostate cancer 20 years ago. Each procedure leads to the next and each procedure destroys his quality of life a little more.

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Sorry to hear of your loss. I understand, as I lost my mother recently as well and wished that I would’ve done more. Just know that for those who believe in Him, this is as bad as it gets, but for those who don’t believe, this is the best it will be for them.

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I am sorry for your lost. I wish you all the strength to overcome the pain.

Caroline and Sebastian has published a new article, which is quite interesting. I thought you may want to read through it. They seem to be on a trace, but I don't know for sure.


All the best.

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I am in a third-world country, Nicaragua, the very heart of Central America, heavily sanctioned by the US and EU for years.


As a disabled one-armed person without a job, really in a rough spot, I am already fighting this bizarre WW3, just to survive, make it through the day, rinse and repeat ! Yet amidst all this Covid warmongering, left and right, upside down, inside out, I claim that it pays off to rely on or cling to Hope, ground Zero ! Z that ? Can´t you Z that ?


Who wants pleasure ? Leasure is pleasure !


Never enough of Nazis ?


Love Trump ?


Bidumb much, grabbed by the P ? I meant Putin, you perv !


Gotta Tweet now ? No problem !


Did you just test positive, for coolness ?


How about Avatar ?


Mozart versus Wagner ?


Risen from dead, going nowhere.





..... and many other posts on my Subtract !

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99 ? Wow, what a blessed age, a lucky man your grandpa, RIP ! Amidst all this Covidiot warmongering, left and right, upside down, inside out, I claim that it pays off to rely on or cling to Hope, ground Zero ! Z that ? Can´t you Z that ?


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