I subscribe in name of the monthly newspaper Néosanté. Thanks for your work.

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HI Jeff,

You are the first researcher I have discovered who follows on Antoine Bechamp's (buried) legacy. I should have subscribed earlier.

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Hi Jeff,

I LOVE and appreciate everything you send through!! I physically printed out the last Belgian Journal and gave it to my butcher at my local markets. He was open but I don’t know whether that’s because I’m one of his best customers haha…

My own financial circumstances prevent me from being able to support your work for now. I also wish I could buy your book. I have told numerous people about your work but for some reason I haven’t found enthusiasm as the response yet… I’m working on my mum and dad. I’m a big fan. As soon as possible I’ll buy your book and be a subscriber. Working on this.

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Hello Jeff,

I know the "what's the point" feeling... I notice that most of the whistle-blowers and scientists worthy of the name are currently focusing on the side effects of injections, hoping to wake up more people and warn them about the new pandemics and vaccines on the horizon.

From my point of view, they're looking after the tree that hides the forest, and thus helping to distract attention from the essentials: "viruses are our allies, let's stop focusing on vaccines (whether to praise or denounce them), let's now explore the new paradigm of health and celebrate the body's wisdom and our capacity for autonomy."

Nevertheless, it seems to me that we've reached a threshold of understanding that, to be crossed, requires an "Aha moment". This can be explained by the extent of our secular conditioning, concerning viruses of course, but "illness" in general and the reality of who we are.

I observe with interest the difference in the all-too-rare reactions to our article "From Virofolly to Virosophy". There are those who find it interesting, intellectually I suppose, and those who are overwhelmed by an awareness that radically changes their attitude.

Where we are collectively, and where I am personally, I can only see one path, uncharted, taking shape with each step I take in my soul and conscience: I am 100% responsible for what I choose to do, but not for the results.

Two inspiring and guiding maxims:

"Act as if everything depended on you, knowing that in reality everything depends on God (or the Life Force that connects us and gives meaning to our individual actions)."

"What is wisdom in the eyes of God is folly in the eyes of men."

I find this both stimulating and liberating (and sometimes dizzying!).

I guess that's the challenge of faith...

With my warmest support


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Heeel ya! Let’s do this! I was wondering when you were going to start charging people. It’s been invaluable information, game changing information. You’ve earned my business by the way you’ve been prompt in returning my inquiries and questions even when they’ve been about personals health questions. No elitist attitudes here. I have liked your ways of extracting the false narrative that has been created in the devils world from true establishment and common sense information learned from your excellent research and observation skills. Well done! On a side note I can’t recall if you’ve ever mentioned it in your writings anywhere, but I’ve always wondered if you are believer in Jesus Christ? I’m pretty unabashed, so don’t care one way or another and regardless of your answer please let me know how I can start the subscription. One thing in particular I would appreciate from you as you go where you go in your material is keep working the food as medicine knowledge for me as it has become life changing to hear it and experiment with it. I am now drinking and eating raw milk, cheeses and raw egg smoothies for a variety of reasons, not mention for its good taste. It is very exciting and noteworthy for I have not been able to internally handle milk products for decades until now. I have absolutely experience a new sense of gut health for starters and have actually seen into my body metabolically from the outside looking in. Using fruit smoothies and cold/warm baths simultaneously for injuries and pain have been my eyes. Cool stuff! Thank you. I’m looking forward for more to come.

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I understand your viewpoint. I think many people spend a great deal of time in their chosen endeavors with little to no recognition.

That being said, I had forgotten you even were writing article given that it seems it's been nearly 6 weeks since the last article (as far as I can tell).

The economy is a factor I think regardless of the bull that biden shit into everyone's ears...

$96 for a year may well be a small amount but to some that's a nice birthday for a child or family.

Anyway, I wish you the best.

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